At Kerr, Hendershot & Cannon, P.C., we bring more than 25 years of experience to OSHA law matters. Our Houston lawyers provide OSHA safety training programs and citations defense to employers in Texas and throughout the United States.

We Know OSHA Law

Few law firms offer the comprehensive OSHA law services that we offer, and fewer still have been offering those services for as long as we have. Our clients know that time is of the essence. They know that anything that is overlooked leaves them at risk, so they need an attorney who will leave nothing untended to. They trust us to protect them.

Over the years, our attorneys have helped businesses of all levels. We have worked with new businesses to make certain that OSHA safety training programs were in place, not only to protect them from the threat of OSHA citations, but also to ensure that their employees had a safe place to work for years to come. We have stood beside longstanding businesses that already had complete compliance departments, including OSHA compliance officers and safety engineers, providing representation at all levels in the event of a citation, trial or appeal.

We believe that you will find our depth of OSHA law knowledge is unmatched. You can count on your case being handled efficiently and effectively, no matter how challenging it may seem. There are few challenges in the realm of OSHA law that we have not addressed before.

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